DameWare Mini Remote Control Final

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DameWare Mini Remote Control Final
DameWare Mini Remote Control - выполняет функции дистанционного управления, для подключения к удаленным компьютерам, ноутбукам и серверам, для выяснения и устранения проблем. DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) это лучшее решение для дистанционного упарвления им более 10 лет пользуются тысячи IT администраторов, для дистанционного подключения к серверам, настольным компьютерам и ноутбукам. DameWare MRC обеспечивает дистанционное подключение к Mac OS X, Windows и Linux системам.

Преимущества DameWare Mini Remote Control
• Простота установки, простота использования, простота обслуживания easy-to-maintain remote access software
• Доступность, лицензирование по числу IT администраторов, а не по числу удаленных компьютерах
• Проверено тысячами пользователей и поддержкой SolarWinds!

Ключевые возможности DameWare Mini Remote Control
• Быстрое и простое подключение и управление удаленными компьютерами
• Удаленное управление для Mac OS X, Windows и Linux
• Установка агентов на лету и начало удаленного управления без перезагрузки
• Подключение без участия пользователя
• Простое конфигурирование и установка агентов, в пакетном режиме, включая создание MSI пакетов
• Полная безопасность, включая авторизацию с использованием смарт-карт

Key Features
The DameWare Mini Remote Control program provides a multitude of convenient features to help you accomplish your IT goals remotely. Below is a few highlights of what you can do with the MRC software. If you are looking for a specific feature within our software, then please let us know at support@dameware.com and we will be happy to provide you with any additional information we have about that specific functionality.
• Here are some features that we feel are some of the key selling points to our software:
• IPv6 support including Connection Invitations
• U3 Mode for portability
• Support for Windows Vista, 2008 Server, and Windows 7
• Support for 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems
• MSI package builder for the easy configuration and installation of the MRC Client Agent Service
• Automatic configuration of Windows Firewall and Advanced Windows Firewall
• Wake on LAN ability
• Support for Fast User Switching as well as Microsoft's Remote Desktop Program
• Interactive Smart Card Login and Remote Smart Card authentication
• Support for Multiple Monitor environments (local & remote)
• DameWare Mirror Driver for enhanced speed & performance
• Authentication integrated within the Operating System's Security
• Encryption via Microsoft's Cryptographic Service Providers & CryptoAPIs built into the O/S itself, which are also FIPS-140 certified
• Deployment of the MRC Client Agent Service "on the fly" with no machine reboots
• Ability to connect via Mini Remote style connection, or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) style connection.
• Ability to Force Encryption for all connections
• Unicode
• Ability to acquire permission from the Desktop User before connecting
• Restrict access using IP Filtering
• Restrict access based upon Group membership
• Restrict access based upon a Shared Secret Key
• Email Notifications
• Shared Sessions
• Simple File Transfer
• Ease of use provides "out of the box" ROI
• Reasonable Cost & Licensing Scheme

What's New in Version
New Features and Improvements:
— AD Integration, user authentication against LDAP. SSO support
— Users can be imported from AD groups either as one-off selections or scheduled synchronization tasks; these users can then log in to DameWare Remote Support and Mini Remote Control with their Windows username and password
— Auto sign in for DameWare Centralized modules
— Settings enable the sign-on screen to be skipped by AD credentialed users
Fixed Issues:
— Problem with Dual Monitor refresh
— Missing icons after 11.1 upgrade
— Problem with Active Directory user and group import
— Connection hangs on "Querying system status"
— Error when mounting bootable ISO file
— Virtual CD — booting from ISO using Intel AMT does not work
— Problem importing from Mini Remote Control 6.9
— Problem inputting Japanese characters

Год выпуска : 2015
Лекарство : в комплекте (patch)
Операционная система : Windows® XP|Vista|7|8 & 8.1
Язык интерфейса : English
Размер : 125 Mb

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